About Us

Techneletix.com Founder & CEO Logan van Wyk
Logan van Wyk – CEO & Founder

I had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur my entire life and envisioned an online store selling all the trendiest products and more.

I just loved the convenience of ordering items online to have them delivered to my door. My fascination with online shopping and the convenience of the whole concept only grew as time went by.

At the beginning of 2019, I decided to make my dream a reality and opened Techneletix.com. At Techneletix.com, we believe that the customer is pivotal to our business, and solving for the customer is our main priority.
Our objective was to design and build an online store that is easy to navigate with seamless processes.

We strive to deliver excellent support and the best service possible. We focus on fast and reliable delivery to your door.
Every day we work tirelessly to improve our store, we listen to your feedback and use it to better our customers’ online shopping experience, making it possible for you, our customers to shop with peace of mind.